Discover How To Cash-Flow Gold & Silver For A Passive Income Of 12% - 26.4% Per Year Just Like Real Estate...

...Using A Very Powerful and Simple Strategy That Takes Less Than 1 Hour A Month to Manage, Has Been Proven In Over 40 Countries, and Has A Success Rate of 92%. It's Very Simple To Use. Are You Ready To Learn How To Cash Flow Gold And Silver.

Minesh Bhindi Presents A Special Gold & Silver Investing Webinar:
3 Steps To Cash-Flow Gold & Silver

You Can Get An Income Of 12% To 26.4% Per Year Just Like Real Estate!
Get Ready To Learn How To Cash Flow Gold And Silver

Why Gold & Silver, Why Now?

The irresponsible economics of Central Bankers has made the protection of purchasing power the most important goal for anyone desiring a financially stable future. And, with our unique strategy, you can now cash-flow Gold & Silver to not only generate wealth, but protect what you already have as well.

Our Dollar Is worth $0.03

Your wealth is steadily evaporating.. The purchasing value of the dollar is constantly being devalued as the government has massively increased the money supplyu2014doubling it in just seven yearsu2014those dollars have become less valuable.

Devaluation Destroys Wealth

At the turn of the 20th century, the money supply was just $7 billion. Today there are literally 3,900X more dollars in existence. While economic growth has meant we all make many more dollars today, it is amazing how quick it destroys our wealth.

No Money in Retirement

It's difficult to find any investment that gives you a reasonable return. More and more people at retirement age are still working and can't afford to retire. In fact, there's a whole generation who can't afford to retire. I'll be willing to bet you know a few.

Borrowing on Borrowed Time

The U.S. government is running up the debt while running out of places to borrow. The "official" federal debt will soon cross the $20 trillion mark. If you factor in unfunded liabilities add another $200 trillion to the federal debt. This makes the federal government's total financial obligations at least 36 times its annual income.

All Fiat Money System Fail

Today's monetary system is based upon a lie. The lie is that you can get something for nothing, or perhaps more simply stated, wealth can be printed. History has shown throughout 5000 years that whenever a country has tried to maintain this illusion (lie), failure has been the result. The question is not will it happen, but when will it happen?

Gold At $10,823.70/oz

The true inflation adjusted high of Gold from the last time Gold boomed to $850/oz on January 1980. This is using 1980u2019s inflation calculation formula which doesnu2019t hide real inflation like todayu2019s. We havenu2019t even scratched the surface of the price potential. Using the same calculations, Silveru2019s true inflation adjusted high is $568/oz.

Where Would You Rather Have Your Wealth... Paper Money or Precious Metals?


We believe "wealth" allows us & our families the chance to use the resources we have to grasp the experiences and opportunities we wish to when they arise. For these moments it's crucial to invest defensively, safely & strategically. We believe the most urgent goal must be to protect and expand the purchasing power of your current wealth, not to risk everything for a potential return.

- Minesh Bhindi - How To Own Gold & Silver As Income Generating Assets

Every part of our program has been meticulously designed and chosen to remove friction between you and profiting from this Gold and Silver opportunity...

Lets cover every resource youu2019re going to receive...

Module 1: Fast-Track Onto The Playing Field
Iu2019ll hold your hand in a special 26 minute training, by the end of which youu2019ll be on the field, in the game and ready to profit by the monthu2019s end.

Youu2019ll be risking nothing and gaining everything as you practice for real in a live environment and follow along with your first investment as you consume the rest of the training

Module 2: Bringing You Up To Speed, From Where You Are
From 0 to Knowledgable, this module will bring you up to speed, no matter what your experience level, youu2019ll know as much about Gold & Silver as any u201cexpertu201d and be able to tell the truth from the rubbish on sightu2026 Youu2019ll know which methods to use to buy, sell or hold Gold & Silver so you donu2019t get taken in many popular Gold & Silver scams in the marketu2026 Youu2019ll get to learn how the wealthy buy Gold & Silver, youu2019ll know where to buy it to cash-flow, which accounts you need and everything you need to protect your wealth.

Module 3: Buying Gold & Silver Below Market Value
Youu2019ll learn where to buy, what to bid, how to negotiate so that youu2019re at-least 5-10% below market every time you buy Gold & Silveru2026

Youu2019ll learn how to judge the market so you get it at the right time, for the best deal and the most profitu2026

Module 4: Cash-Flowing Gold & Silver, Step By Step
Iu2019ll walk you through how to cash-flow your Gold & Silver monthlyu2026

Youu2019ll know all the rules all the objections and all the steps to take to make sure your months are the most profitableu2026

Youu2019ll also learn to create a consistent, never-ending stream of cash-flow for as long as you hold the Gold & Silveru2026

Module 5: How To u201cDo Itu201d, All
Youu2019ll follow me along as I take you click by click through every inch of the process, by the end youu2019ll know exactly what youu2019re doing, how to do it, when to do it, what to do if something goes wrong and everything about the execution of your investingu2026

Module 6: Growing Your Gold & Silver Fund, For Free!
Youu2019ll learn how to effectively compound to get the best ROIu2026

Youu2019ll learn to take advantage of ALL compounding opportunities that might show up in places youu2019re not lookingu2026

Youu2019ll learn to manage your funds right to end up with the largest Gold & Silver fund possibleu2026

Module 7: Hyper-Compounding Your Returns
Youu2019ll learn how to tie it all together so that it just works without effort, without constant adjusting and constant managementu2026

Iu2019ll walk you through leveraging your ROI so that you can compound faster and better and bigger with the same moneyu2026

Module 8: Your Action Strategy For Fast Results
Iu2019ll give you a blueprint of what to do to get started fast, I mean opening accounts, getting the money investing and generating the ROIu2026

Youu2019ll have everything you need to go make this investment profitable, overnight!

It Does Not End There...

Live Weekly Q&A Calls u2013 No ongoing charge.

I will be on the phone every single week (making allowances for travel) where you and the rest of our clients around the world can ask me what next action to take, what I would do and what you should dou2026

Iu2019ll be there to hold your hand and guide you if needed as to what action to take, not in theory, but LIVE in response to the marketu2026

You get these for as long as you need themu2026 We still have people from December 2010 coming and attending the callsu2026

Clearly, with our 92% success rate, when the industry average in investment education is 3% u2013 8% shows that weu2019ve mastered the element of coaching which messes most people upu2026

The part where you get the support you need and we make sure you take the actions needed to get the response, not just for u201cthe next 3 monthsu201d like most programs, but Iu2019m talking about for the next few yearsu2026

20 Minute Management System

This training will help you u201cstructureu201d your management so that once youu2019ve been through the modules and have an understanding of the strategy, you know how to do it all in under 20 minutes a month, this is vital for time freedom.

Setting Up Your Accounts, The Right Way

Setting up a broker account, a charting account or your virtual account the wrong way can hinder your progress by days, weeks or months. This short training will give you the key points to make sure that itu2019s done right the first time so you donu2019t have to revisit it and just get to making money, fastu2026

Mastering The Psychology Of Long Term Investing

In this training, I bring one of my friends who runs a mindset training company to identify the key tools and techniques to use to maintain a psychology for long term investing. We talk about how to manage your natural greed/fear instincts, how to manage your emotions, manage anxiety given by others while investing and lots more on exactly what to do to keep your mind focused on generating the resultu2026

And the best part?

Weu2019ve really thought this through from your perspective so weu2019ve removed all non-essential jargon and complicated theory to only show you and teach you how to use exclusively what will make you moneyu2026

Everything else has been simplified to the point of not even being there, itu2019s just taken care ofu2026 Thatu2019s why our strategy works like magic for new investors and experienced investorsu2026 Itu2019s like plugging in an appliance, vs building it.

Some of you may still have questions. We understand and have created this Questions and Answers video just for you....

This podcast below is in response to all the questions weu2019ve been getting from our subscribers. So I sat down with Minesh Bhindi and we answered your questions on How To Cash-Flow Gold & Silver and the Gold and Silver Life program....

Learn How To Own Gold & Silver As Income Generating Assets In This Free Webinar Today!

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